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Dennis Santos started writing during the late 80’s after his good friend Henry Schulte showed him the way to develop the many ideas he had a creation for. Dennis, born and raised on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, came to Santa Barbara, California, after High School, to attend Brooks Institute of Photography with a vision of retuning to Kauai and working in commercial photography for the largest hotel on the Island at the time. This was a few years after Hawaii had become the 50th state of the United States. While in Santa Barbara , Dennis met his wife and was married at a young age. This changed Dennis’s plans to return to Kauai. While working at a formable job to support his family, he left his job to go into Youth Ministry, at the church he attended. During his ministry Dennis wrote original stage plays for the youth he worked with. Since he was never without Ideas, he started writing children’s books which he self published to shared with students in his community.

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