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White Lion Publishing isn’t a publishing site in the true sense of the word. It’s essentially a website to market my own books and the books of my friends. In today’s world of self-publishing and Kindle readers, the world of publishing is light years away from what it was like, say thirty years ago.


In the “old” days, you could try to reach out directly to a publishing house, and if you were extremely luck, had a fantastic story, was a great writer and an editor actually read your manuscript, they might give you a chance. But the more conventional route was writing letter after letter seeking an agent, only getting back letter after letter of rejections. 

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I love the new system where you can allow your imagination to go from mind to paper and make it a realty in a matter of hours. We all love to see our names on the cover of book and now we get excited when we look it up on Amazon, joining the ranks of all the top authors in the world.


The name White Lion, just in case you want to know, came about because I’m a Leo and my hair has since gone white. And the logo was from a body building gym I used to own during those days when I was sending out query letters.

Like you, I love writing. I find it the most wholesome medicine there is. I had farmed avocados for nearly five decades and retired last yea. I got to thinking about how a lot of people don’t even know avocados grow on trees. So, the seed was planted, pun intended, to write a simple factual story how the avocado gets into your kitchen. Coupled with the fantastic illustrations by Valerie Bouthyette, Pedro the Avocado was born. And then I thought, why not teach children in a fun way how other things are made or grown, and that’s how the Fun Ways to Learn series became a reality.


Dennis Santos, my long-time friend of over forty years, has been writing his own children’s books, and like me, he wants to share his love of writing and his heart for others to see, read and feel. Dennis’s diversity of books ranges from childhood experiences to love of family and his deep faith. Dennis has worked with kids for some five decades and has a firm grasp of how young minds think.


We so appreciate you visiting this site and look forward to bringing more books for you all to read and enjoy.


Thank you


Henry Schulte


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